Vi listar 13 ölställen i huvudstaden som varje öldiggare bör besöka minst en gång – både för smakerna och för atmosfären.

Production Manager/Brewer for MadTree, and friend of the blog, Matt Rowe recently started a Twitter hashtag #SoYouWannaBeABrewer. I’ve dug this since the first one and they’ve only gotten better with time. Matt is providing us with insight into the boring doldrums, disgusting grime, and exciting joy of being a craft brewer. I’ll shut up now and let Matt and his tweets take it from here.

For drinkers who've foresworn a life of Sapporo and Super Dry, Tokyo is a much more welcoming place than it used to be. It's still worth making a pilgrimage to the legendary Popeye in Ryogoku, but you can now find Japanese and import microbrews on tap at many bars around the city – and some places are even starting to brew their own. Whether you're new to the scene or a hardcore boozehound chasing that next hop high, it's hard to go wrong with the following Tokyo craft beer bars...

Vad händer om man tar en Guide Michelin-stjärnprydd krog och kombinerar den med den brittiska pubkulturen? En krog som placerat sig på första plats två år i rad i krogguiden White guide som vill skapa en bar med sin egenkomponerade öl? Jo, man får en 750 kvadratmeter stor krog i Gamla stan i Stockholm, en krog som presenterar sig med fyra olika delar och där öldelen sätts i centrum. Ett ölparadis kanske? Det handlar om the Flying Elk – ett nytillskott i den stockholmska krogfloran som lär locka många nya gäster.

Hörnet Lilla Nygatan/Tyska brinken.









The WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery has six main technical features that, when combined together, create the world's first all-in-one brewing appliance. This combination then allows you to make the freshest beer on the planet with minimum effort.

This thing looks ridiculously cool. Makes me wonder though... I'm sure a total noob (like me) can use it to make okay beer -- but would a skilled brewer (like I would want to become if I had one of these) be able to make excellent beer with it? Then I'd want one. Or at least I would if I had somewhere to put it. It's pretty stylish, but not something I'd want in my living room.

British pub just 3 minutes from Ebisu station.Wide selection of British and other beers both bottled & draught. Real Ale and Cider on tap! If you want something fanicier our experienced barstaff are happy to make it.

Live music nightly. Enjoy listening to local bands playing 'live' on the Dickens stage! From Jaz to Rock, oldies and new, check out our music schedule.




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