Years ago I had a clear political opinion. I was a civil-rights activist. I appreciated freedom and anything limiting freedom was a problem to me. Freedom of speech was one of the most important rights for me. I thought that democracy has to be able to survive radical or insulting opinions. In a democracy any opinion should have a right even if it’s against democracy. § [...] § But over the last years my opinion changed. Nowadays I think that not every opinion needs to be tolerated. I find it completely acceptable to censor certain comments and encourage others to censor, too. What was able to change my opinion in such a radical way? After all I still consider civil rights as extremely important. The answer is simple: Fanboys and trolls.

ownCloud gives you universal access to your files through a web interface or WebDAV. It also provides a platform to easily view & sync your contacts, calendars and bookmarks across all your devices and enables basic editing right on the web.

KWallet is a service provided by KDE that provides a convenient way to save and read this kind of data. Lets take a look at a simple example of how we can use the KWallet service from a Python application.

Problem #2: Qtcurve’s font is much too big Solution: Change the general font in systemsettings->appearance->fonts to something different, save, and then change it back. Repeat for `kdesudo systemsettings`.

The Independent Qt Tutorial is an on-line book aiming to cover most topics involved in the process of developing professional quality Qt applications. The text is example driven, filled with lots of tips and has links to the official Qt documentation.

Every so often, Plasma freezes on me or the graphics get cluttered. It is a hassle to restart KDE (logout/login) when you have 101 tabs open in firefox and several xterm windows.


This is how you kill/restart Plasma.

kbuildsycoca4 && kquitapp plasma-desktop && kstart plasma-desktop

People naturally group information by topic and remember relationships between important things, like a person and the company where she works. But enabling computers to grasp these same concepts has been the subject of long-standing research. Recently, this has focused on the Semantic Web, but a European endeavor called the Nepomuk Project will soon see the effort take new steps onto the PC in the form of a "semantic desktop."

Some of the most significant features added in Qt 4.4 include a multimedia abstraction layer, an HTML rendering widget based on WebKit, a new concurrency framework, and support for rendering widgets on the toolkit's drawing canvas.

Google has extensive information how to use Google Talk but no info for kopete users like me. This is a step by step description, how to configure kopete.

The KDEPIMPI is a cross-platform Personal Information Manager based on Qt. It has a calendar (kopi), contact/address book (kapi), mobile phone interface (kammu), and time tracker (ktpi), password manager (pwmpi), SIP phone (kppi), and mail client (ompi).

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