This document describes how to enable SMTP-AUTH with Sendmail on Debian 3.1.

Can you believe that in nearly four years of Paranoid Penguin columns, I've never talked about how to configure FTP services? This month I fix that, using my new favorite FTP server, Chris Evans' excellent vsftpd (Very Secure FTP Dæmon). Because my space here is limited and the best use of FTP is anonymous FTP, we focus on anonymous FTP. The FTP protocol's use of clear-text authentication makes it a terrible choice for anything but anonymous file transfer. But anonymous FTP is still plenty useful.

Installing DD-WRT on a router in most cases is almost as simple as installing a program onto your computer. Installing programs on a router, known as firmware, are achieved by a method called flashing. This article helps you determine which installation process is for you on your supported router, as well as giving router suggestions and information about flashing each one.

The aim of this document is to illustrate the steps that I took (minus all the wrong ones, and there were many) to get a successful GPRS data connection using my Sharp Zaurus, a Nokia 6310i, a Socket Bluetooth card and an O2 (UK mobile phone operator) GPRS data account. I'm making the assumption that you already have a Sharp Zaurus (Z) (or are intending to buy one) and that you are OK with using Linux on the command line.

davfs2 is a Linux file system driver that allows you to mount a WebDAV server as a local file system, like a disk drive. This way applications can access resources on a Web server without knowing anything about HTTP or WebDAV. davfs2 runs as a daemon in userspace. It uses the kernel file system coda or fuse. Most propably your Linux kernel includes at least one of this file systems. To connect to the WebDAV server it makes use of the neon library. Neon supports TLS/SSL (using OpenSSL or GnuTLS) and access via proxy server.

This chapter will show you how to use sendmail to create a mail server that will relay your mail to a remote user's mailbox or incoming mail to a local mail box. You'll also learn how to retrieve and send mail via your mail server using a with mail client such as Outlook Express or Evolution.

Remote searches of suspect computers will form part of an EU plan to tackle hi-tech crime.

View real-time data and statistics from any logfile on any server with SSH, in an intuitive and entertaining way.

When a user types in the web address of a contact, such as, the contact information is located directly within the DNS database, meaning no redirection is necessary. Results come back instantly and are universally accessible to internet-connected devices, with no web browser needed.

Fradar är en ”plug-in”, ett slags tilläggsprogram till webbläsaren. Den analyserar hela tiden trafikmönstret, och rapporterar om anslutningen är nationell hela vägen, och därmed säker, eller om den passerar utländska servrar eller routrar längs vägen, och därmed är avlyssningsbar av FRA.

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