LAWICEL är en av Sveriges ledande leverantörer när det gäller inbyggda system, elektronik, byggsatser, robot tillbehör, trådlös kommunikation såsom ZigBee, bluetooth, WiFi och mycket mer. Är ni ny kund, så läs gärna Så handlar du och Köpvillkor innan ni handlar, där framgår det hur vår webshop fungerar, vilka fraktkostnader vi har och mycket mer.

Soverain isn't in the e-commerce business; it's in the higher-margin business of filing patent lawsuits against e-commerce companies. And it has been quite successful until now. The company's plan to extract a patent tax of about one percent of revenue from a huge swath of online retailers was snuffed out last week by Newegg and its lawyers, who won an appeal ruling [PDF] that invalidates the three patents Soverain used to spark a vast patent war.

The ruling effectively shuts down dozens of the lawsuits Soverain filed last year against Nordstrom's, Macy's, Home Depot, RadioShack, Kohl's, and many others (see our chart on page 2). All of them did nothing more than provide shoppers with basic online checkout technology. Soverain used two patents, numbers 5,715,314 and 5,909,492, to claim ownership of the "shopping carts" commonly used in online stores. In some cases, it wielded a third patent, No. 7,272,639.

Allt du behöver för att resa med barn!

Smarta, praktiska och innovativa produkter för resan, övernattningen eller för en skön dag på stan eller i naturen.

Over the past several years, you've probably seen some of our fun linguistics designs on CafePress or at various conferences. We've now selected some of the funniest, cleverest, and most attractive linguistics items other designers have for sale on CafePress, and brought them together for you in this gallery. Click on the picture to see details or to place an order through CafePress.

Big Cartel provides you with your own independent store to sell your stuff online.

Vi erbjuder reparation och modifikation av Playstation 2, XBOX, Xbox 360, Wii, Gamecube, DVD-spelare m.m.

You can find Linux servers sold all sort of places, but where can you find Linux desktops for sale? Here is a list of places I have had good experiences with or have had heard good things about directly:

We offer a quick way to compare the prices of any in-print and many out-of-print books at over a dozen online bookstores.

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This Baracoda CompactFlash card eliminates proprietary cables and allows mobile users to connect to mobile computing devices wirelessly and effortlessly.

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