South Korea's military has been dropping leaflets into North Korea about democracy protests in Egypt and also sent food, medicines and radios for residents as part of a psychological campaign, a legislator said on Friday.

The campaign was aimed at encouraging North Koreans to think about change, conservative South Korean parliament member Song Young-sun said.

Here is an unofficial translation of the amended and supplemented socialist constitution of the DPRK which was adopted on Sept. 5 by the first session of the 10th Supreme People’s Assembly.

The robot theme park, which the government says is the first of its kind in the world, will feature a number of attractions such as entertainment facilities, exhibition halls, research and development centers, education buildings and industrial support facilities, officials said.


The Incheon robot theme park will cost 784.5 billion won ($562.3 million), of which 680.5 billion won comes from private investors, 52 billion won from the central government, and the other 52 billion won from the local government, according to ministry officials. The construction will begin in 2010 and be completed by 2013, they said.

We opened homepage titled "Friend" with an aim to achieve a common progress of humankind and contribute to promoting mutual understanding and cooperation under the ideals of independence, peace and friendship.

A fascinating mix of friendly greetings, celebratory "news" and harsh propaganda from North Korea.

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